• How do companies realize whether they have "good" or "bad" leaders?

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  • „...I haven’t seen any road sign... “

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  • Many people believe that Leaders need to motivate their employees. Is that really true?

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  • How Leaders "get things done".

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What makes a good leader? How do leaders reflect? What motivates leaders to act? 

I support leaders sharpening their individual purpose by integrating the answers to those questions into their daily job. This combines the following parts:






I believe that every employee in every enterprise deserves an executive who is prepared and willing to lead people. With LP3 I have found a model which transports my approach in an easy, understandable and impactful way. So that learning can be meaningful, a learner has to develop his own desire to handle future situations differently from the experiences he made in the past. Therefore I check my clients' individual learning needs and adapt the content accordingly. Individualization is key!


Discipline and determination are important qualities of a high performance athlete. He practices and works out over and over again to be prepared for one specific event when he competes against other athletes. Always accompanied by a coach who helps to analyze and to reflect on the athlete’s performance level in relation to his aspired result.  A leader, however, faces certain competitive conditions almost every day – mostly without adequate preparation or training.



During the implementation of any goal based action every company is able to benefit from consultants. They need only to take into consideration that the solutions offered by experts are proven to be successful – they already have worked with other companies in similar situations. Certainly consulting is not the same as coaching. Consulting provides professional, concrete and proven solutions to existing challenges of a company’s people or processes. 

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